Friday, February 20, 2009

Cute Cowgirl Buns!

Berkley was waiting to get in the bath...and I found her in the office with my cowboy boots on! I'm pretty sure I have a very similar picture of me when I was little.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Roller Skating

We took the kids to Roller Drome on President's Day! We had such a fun time! Shane wanted to race me, so he got the $2 racing skates...he soon trading them in for the old fashioned roller skates. Brik was learning pretty quick how to skate! Berkley wasn't so sure about this! And I think she was smiling in this pic. "?"

We had a nice chain going for the "girls only" skate!

Mackenzie, Berkley, Oakley & Bailey waiting for the "boys only" skate!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a post for my BFF...

I met Becky Yamamoto on the first day of Kindergarten. I came home and told my mom that I met a new friend and that she had a flat nose. :0) We were best friends from that day on. We both were born on the same day. We always had such a good friendship. We shared so many ups & downs throughout our childhood & on to High School. After H.S. Becky went to College at Washington State University. In January 1994 she invited me to come visit her at school. That would be the last time I saw her. She was tragically killed in a head on car accident. I can remember the night my Mom had to tell me that she had passed away. It crushed me. Becky mailed me a card a few weeks prior to her death that I keep very close to my heart. It was almost as if she new she was going to be leaving us here on this earth. It has almost been 15 years since she was taken from this earthly life. I have been praying that I could do her temple work. I finally got the impression to just call her Mom. So yesterday I did it. Her Mom is going to talk to her husband & daughters and let me know soon how they feel. I have been praying that their hearts will be softened to know what to do. This is a little tribute to Becky that I have been meaning to post for quite a while.

Me & Becky at our Senior Year PNW Dance competition! (we were the captains of the team)
This is at Becky's house for one of our many B-days shared together.

Being goofy in a photo booth.

Cheerleading our Jr. Year of High School.

Have you ever played this's HiLArIouS!

Me & Becky when I went to visit her at college.

Homecoming our Senior year... "Prom Queen & Homecoming Queen"

New Years 1994 Becky mod-podged this bottle for me...I still have it too :0)!

1st grade picture

We loved dressing up as "nerds!"

Freshman year Cheerleading!

Senior Picture

My trip to Washington State.

another B-day party for us!

more Birthdays...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The girls were having a dance class. Oakley, Bailey & Berkley. Oakley only could find tan tights so she wouldn't let me take any pictures of her.

notice the cowboy walking by............

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