Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Las Vegas!!! Shane & I went with our good friends Lon & Holle to Las Vegas last weekend. We had a great time! Shane even flew there, and he survived it! We had to get a pic. at the famous sign!
Lon & Holle at the sign....these pics. came from a box camera, I forgot my digital camera so they aren't the best.

At the Ceasar's Palace.

Me & Shane standing by our rental car...."Pete" We already miss you Pete! I'll never look at a PT Cruiser again without thinking of Pete.

YUM!!! These are the remains of our KING CRAB legs!! Oh man was it the best place ever!! If you ever get to Vegas, or Chicago don't pass up eating at "Joe's" (not the crabshack place)

This is after we were done eating.

New York...New York...

Doing a "little" shopping at Ceasar's Palace. We actually went to the outlet malls the day before & did alot of shopping. I was LOVING every minute of it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Casie's photo shoot...

turned out much better than mine! Here are a few of my favorite ones she took! Thanks Casie, you need to become a photographer! Love ya!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Picture Day

I borrowed my Sister's camera & took my kids out to try & get some good fall pictures. So these are some of the pictures that I got. I guess it wasn't such a good idea for the Mom to be the photographer too. Luckily my sister came & helped take more of our whole family last night. Thanks Casie I love ya! I'll post some of hers when I get them.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shane turned 35 on Halloween!

We had all Shane's presents set out for him to see when we got home from our busy Halloween night. He loved the quilt. He was looking at all the blocks.

Brik gave him a box of bullets.

Halloween Night....

We had a full afternoon & night. First I took the kids & Mallory to the Nampa downtown trick or treat. The big girls got bored pretty quick, as you can tell.
Brik, Oakley & Bailey wanted to stand by the Firetruck!

Outside the Library, where the kids all got a free book & toy! Berkley, Oakley, Brik, Bailey, Hallee, Colt & Jayden.

After that we went to Sonic to get dinner, hit a little sub., went to the trunk-or-treat and then the big girls got to go with Maurine to do more trick-or-treating, while Shane, Berkley, Brik & I went to the Vallivue football game to watch Jordan play.

I always make the kids dump out their candy on the floor, so we can see just how much they got. Wow, I'll think we'll be on a sugar high for a while.

Brik, he loved Halloween this year. He was the fastest runner when we hit a little subdivision. He thought it was so cool!



Berkley would get mad at me if I didn't let her get candy from each stop. Luckily she fell asleep at the Nampa downtown trick-or-treat.

School Parties

Mackenzie at her School Halloween Party.
Bailey and her 2 friends Julia & Lucy. They all three have little sisters & they were all packing them around, so I had to get a pic. Looks like they all will be great Mom's someday!

Bailey & Lucy the black cats!

Annie & Oakley walking in the School parade!

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