Friday, May 23, 2008

Berkley can count to 10!

Bailey's Dance Recital

Bailey (middle front) She did such a good job dancing! It was fun to watch her!Bailey (far right) She got a little solo part with two girls from the older classes. She was so nervous but did very good!
Wow!! all these flowers for me?
Daddy & Bailey
Bailey & Alexis

Monday, May 19, 2008


This Spring we've been keeping busy, Berkley got a new big girl bed! She loves it, although she did fall off 2 times at first, but has been doing alot better now! And yes we did sell the crib & cradle! And yes, we are done having babies!Brik & Shane got to go to the Owyhee Resevoir with Gr-Pa Randy and do some fishing off the boat! They had a great time, and Brik caught a ton of fish!
Oakley has just been hangin' out! We were at the park playing, before Mackenzie's game!
Bailey playing at the park too! She just had her dance recital, I'll do a little blurb about that next!
There's are fastpitch softball player! Mackenzie is #4 and plays 2nd base (just like her mom) lol! She is such a good player, it is so fun to watch her play at this level!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oakley's Birthday!!

Oakley at 6 ! Oakley's B-day Party this year......she's is now 7!!
G-ma & G-pa got Oakley some crocs, and 20X capri's with a horse on the back pocket!
We got her some Ariat boots & a rubiks cube!
Oakley at 5!
Oakley at 4!
Oakely at 3!
Oakley at 2!

Brik's Day!

Brik wanted to go to McDonald's for his Birthday lunch, he got a happy meal with a speed racer car in it. Then we rented the speed racer movie to watch. (it was the old 80's version, not so good) But we had a fun time! Brik & Berkley
Brik got 2 sets of John Deere tractors from Gr-ma Connie & a John Deere shirt!! He said that was his best present!
We got him a new tee, helmet & a real bat. We played outside after the party with all the kids, it was so fun!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Brik's 4th Birthday!!

Brik is 4 today! He is so excited! He got to help me decorate his John Deere Tractor Cake this morning! Shane & I are taking him to McDonald's for his Birthday lunch! We'll post more pics after the big party tonight!!

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