Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oakley's Birthday!!

Oakley at 6 ! Oakley's B-day Party this year......she's is now 7!!
G-ma & G-pa got Oakley some crocs, and 20X capri's with a horse on the back pocket!
We got her some Ariat boots & a rubiks cube!
Oakley at 5!
Oakley at 4!
Oakely at 3!
Oakley at 2!


  1. She is so cute, what are 20X capri's? Is that the size????!!!! Mom is losing it if it is!!! She got Evka a size 6 dress. I love the last photo of Oakley, both of my girls have worn that dress!!! o cute the joy of having a great big sister that shares her kids clothes with you!!! Love ya!!!!

  2. Nice Cakes, your getting very creative Kimberly! Are kids are getting to old... that means we're getting too old!! EEK! Love ya!


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