Saturday, March 27, 2010


Grandma & Grandpa took all the grandkids to Wahooz! We had a great time!
Minuature Golfing.
Hattie stayed in the stroller for all the fun.

Lexi & Mackenzie having a snack.

Lexi hepling Berkley win some tickets.

Austin, Xander, Oakley, Mack, Bailey, Berkley & Brik
After the bumper boat ride.....just a little wet!


Brik and Austin

Bailey and Lexi


Oakley and Austin

Brik & Mackenzie
Brik was screaming most of the ride, until the last lap.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting Big.....

Hattie loves sitting in the Bumbo! She is almost 5 mo. old. She has been such an easy baby, she has been sleeping all night long since she was 2 mo. old. And it does help to have the big girls, they hold her alot for me.

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