Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Life......

Real busy, me & Bailey got bored while we were uploading photos.........mmmmmm.....these Ritz Crackers are tasty!

Last Day of School. This is the 4th graders singing a song. Bailey choreographed this little flag routine for them. Bailey is the middle one -of the flaggers.

Mackenzie Graduates from Grade School. Wow I can't believe she will be at the Middle School next year...YiKeS!! (she was walking so fast this was the best pic I got)

Mackenzie with the Principal Mrs. Dodd.

Brik at his first T-ball game. He was eating an air-head.
Brik up to bat. Go #4!!

There's my boy!

Oakley playing machine pitch softball! Her season just ended. She is a great little player!

Oakley at her softball party w/ Coach Steve.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby #6.....

Well I quess I'll finally admit it, I am pregnant. Again. We are excited because now we definatley know that this is the last one for sure. We will find out in 2 1/2 weeks what this baby is. We are hoping for Brik's sake that he gets a brother. But Shane already "knows" it's another girl. We'll see!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prayers for Kace!

This is my little niece Jersey & nephew Kace. Kace just had surgery to remove a tumor the doctors found in his little tummy. Now he is getting ready to start Chemo-Therapy. We love this little guy so much, and his whole family! Please keep their family in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Oakley!

Oakley turned 8! She picked McDonald's for her lunch, only because of the Oreo McFlurry & the new play area.

Oakley opening her new scriptures.

We also got her a white Baptism dress.

Her cake reguest was Oreo Ice Cream cake with Bubble Gum on it. Happy Birthday Oakley Dokely! We Love You!

Brik turns 5!

Brik picked Red Robin for his Birthday lunch. We had a lot of fun with our only boy! Time to sing to Brik, he wasn't so sure about that idea, as you can tell.

He did like the balloons.
The girls made Brik this sign as part of the decorations. They love to spoil him.

Brik loved his new Tonka Truck. He also got a cowboy rope, new backpack for School & some other fun stuff.

Brik and his shark cake. He was being so funny, he was acting like the shark was going to get him.

5 candles! Happy Birthday Briker Bear!

Church Family Dance

Bailey & Oakley dancing together....not for long :0) Mackenzie & Justin worked a long time to get Nick to ask Bailey to dance. So here they are dancing together. We might have to keep this picture for a future wedding slide show. :0)
After the first dance, I think they started having more fun.

Watch out Nick, in steps another guy to ask Bailey to dance.

Christian & Oakley dance together. Thank goodness it was a fast one. Mackenzie did dance with Justin, but everytime my camera came close, she split the dance up. Oh well, we sure had a fun time!

Fun at the Zoo!

the Boise Zoo actually had some good animals this year..........the Lion. Giraffes

Oakley with some of her School friends being goofy.

Berkley & Brik got to come on Oakley's field trip too.

Oakley & Brik going up the Giraffe slide.

Berkley, coming down.......

Brik, coming down......
Kangaroo ears?


Oakley gets her Gold Cup.....

Oakley had to get a Superior rating from the Judges, for the last 3yrs to earn her Gold Cup. She did it this year. She played so good. It reminds me of when I used to play for the Gold Cup Festival. Oakley & Grandma Connie.

Oakley was so excited to have it in her hands, finally!

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