Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brik turns 5!

Brik picked Red Robin for his Birthday lunch. We had a lot of fun with our only boy! Time to sing to Brik, he wasn't so sure about that idea, as you can tell.

He did like the balloons.
The girls made Brik this sign as part of the decorations. They love to spoil him.

Brik loved his new Tonka Truck. He also got a cowboy rope, new backpack for School & some other fun stuff.

Brik and his shark cake. He was being so funny, he was acting like the shark was going to get him.

5 candles! Happy Birthday Briker Bear!


  1. sorry to crash the party, but balir was insistant on going. sure hope they get the same kindergarten schedule.

  2. I love the cake! I cannot believe that this little group (Brik, Blair, Hallee) of kids are turning 5 and headed to school!


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