Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Life......

Real busy, me & Bailey got bored while we were uploading photos.........mmmmmm.....these Ritz Crackers are tasty!

Last Day of School. This is the 4th graders singing a song. Bailey choreographed this little flag routine for them. Bailey is the middle one -of the flaggers.

Mackenzie Graduates from Grade School. Wow I can't believe she will be at the Middle School next year...YiKeS!! (she was walking so fast this was the best pic I got)

Mackenzie with the Principal Mrs. Dodd.

Brik at his first T-ball game. He was eating an air-head.
Brik up to bat. Go #4!!

There's my boy!

Oakley playing machine pitch softball! Her season just ended. She is a great little player!

Oakley at her softball party w/ Coach Steve.

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  1. You sure are busy with your family! Isn't it great! BTW - nice cracker shots!


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