Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Berkley's Birthday!

Berkley had to have a Kai Lan cake, it is her favorite cartoon! I had to work hard on making that one, but it was worth it! She wouldn't let the cake out of her hands, she loved it so much! I think I'm this many?!?
We got her a new tricycle, she can even reach the pedals!
This is Berkley's 1st Birthday Party, with all the cousins! We had 5 kids all born so close together that year! They all look so small!
Berkley at 6 mo. Happy Birthday Berk! We love you so much!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Days!

We have been staying cool over at Grandma Connie's Swimming Pool! It is so nice that she only lives 2 miles away! Mackenzie, Oakley, Berkley & Bailey.Berkley started potty training last week, I forgot what that's like! If I remember I just get one of the older girls to take her, that has been really nice! She is doing great so far!!
She loves her princess panties!!
This must have been one of those cold summer days we had!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shane's Ride!

We got a phone call from Shane telling Mackenzie "get the camera & hurry outside!!" This is what we found when we got out there! Shane went on what he thought was going to be a nice ride out on the ditch banks, when something spooked "cowboy" & he turned sideways. Shane just so happen to be right next to the pond at this moment, so you can quess what happened next! The kids thought this was so funny!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Father's Day started pretty early at the Royce Home! And we go to church at 12:30! We had homemade cinnamon rolls for Shane in bed, he opened his presents he got a pair of fingernail clippers from Berkley, (because he can never find any) Brik gave him a framed picture of him that he just got done at kiddie kandids, Oakley & Bailey got him a new shirt from American Eagle & a Snickers candy bar, and Mackenzie & I got all of his mission pictures sorted & in order & put them in a album for him. It was a good day! We made his favorite chicken broccoli casserole before church along with homemade rolls & his favorite apple crumb pie! We did all this & still made it to church 5 min. early:) Shane is the funnest parent of us! He always is tickling the girls & playing with Brik! He helps mellow me out & always can get any of us to laugh at any moment! He has been such a good Dad to the kids & I love him very much! Shane at about 5 yrs. old.
Shane at about 3 yrs. old. (I knew he always wanted to be a cowboy!)
This is my Dad! He has always been such a good Dad! I remember my Dad always working extra side jobs just so we teenagers could play sports & for me it was cheerleading & dance. He is truly the most humble man I know. And I hope I have taken just a little bit of that with me today. I love my Dad so much! Thanks Dad for all you have done for me!
This is Shane's step-dad. He took on all 7 of Dawn's kids when Shane was 9yrs. old. What a great man he is. To this day I still have never seen him get upset at anyone. He payed for all 3 boys to serve missions & never complained about doing it. Thanks for help raising Shane & all the other kids too! We love you!!

Brik & "Cowboy"

Brik was out helping me fill up the water tank & our horse "cowboy" wouldn't leave Brik alone. It was so cute! We finally are getting some nice weather here! Time to hit Grandma's pool!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Berkley & Kace

How Cute is that? Mindy & Kace came to Idaho for her brother's wedding. We were trying to get a picture of Kace & Berkley kissing. They had fun kissing & chasing each other around. It was good to see them. The older kids sure missed seeing Chance, Ridge & Blake.Look at the cute dimple on Kace, he is such a cutie!
What are we supposed to do?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kelsey & Marc's Wedding

Kelsey & MarcOakley, Kelsey & Bailey
Kelsey with all the brother's (minus Travis)
Sister & Sister-in-law pic. (nice tan Robyn) ha ha! (a little inside joke)
Brik & Roston: They became best buds this whole time they were here in Idaho visiting!

Schools out for Summer!!

All the 3rd Graders in the Valley got a free bike & helmet for not missing a day of School! Bailey barely made it, but she did it. She did go to School once with a 7up sick one day, another day they had an outbreak of chicken pox, and Bailey got a small case of them so she spent almost the whole day in the nurses office, because I knew she wanted the bike so bad. The next day her face looked pretty clear, so we just sent her back to School, luckily the teacher that noticed them the day before didn't see Bailey that day. Then we luckily had a 3 day week-end. She was so excited to get the bike. She worked very hard and hasn't missed a day of riding her new bike either! Bailey at Tom Scott picking her bike out!!
Last day of School! Mackenzie with all her friends!! (and Berkley too)
Berkley making her "SCARY" face!
Brik, just being Brik!

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