Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Schools out for Summer!!

All the 3rd Graders in the Valley got a free bike & helmet for not missing a day of School! Bailey barely made it, but she did it. She did go to School once with a 7up sick one day, another day they had an outbreak of chicken pox, and Bailey got a small case of them so she spent almost the whole day in the nurses office, because I knew she wanted the bike so bad. The next day her face looked pretty clear, so we just sent her back to School, luckily the teacher that noticed them the day before didn't see Bailey that day. Then we luckily had a 3 day week-end. She was so excited to get the bike. She worked very hard and hasn't missed a day of riding her new bike either! Bailey at Tom Scott picking her bike out!!
Last day of School! Mackenzie with all her friends!! (and Berkley too)
Berkley making her "SCARY" face!
Brik, just being Brik!

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  1. That is so funny! Congrats Bailey. You are amazing!!!! I always missed school!!!


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