Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Days!

We have been staying cool over at Grandma Connie's Swimming Pool! It is so nice that she only lives 2 miles away! Mackenzie, Oakley, Berkley & Bailey.Berkley started potty training last week, I forgot what that's like! If I remember I just get one of the older girls to take her, that has been really nice! She is doing great so far!!
She loves her princess panties!!
This must have been one of those cold summer days we had!!


  1. Looks like fun!! I think I just might be darker then you at this point!! HAHA yeah right! I love your striped shirt, I have the exact same one! Didn't you get it for me! Thanks! Love ya!!

  2. hey kim,

    i can't believe you're potty training (good luck!!!)...i attempted that, but it was a real bummer! looks like you guys are having a great summer...we'll have to go to the park sometime! love your blog!


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