Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Berkley's Birthday!

Berkley had to have a Kai Lan cake, it is her favorite cartoon! I had to work hard on making that one, but it was worth it! She wouldn't let the cake out of her hands, she loved it so much! I think I'm this many?!?
We got her a new tricycle, she can even reach the pedals!
This is Berkley's 1st Birthday Party, with all the cousins! We had 5 kids all born so close together that year! They all look so small!
Berkley at 6 mo. Happy Birthday Berk! We love you so much!


  1. Elle has the SAME swimming suit! We always have had the same taste. I can't believe you made that cake- it looks awesome! Happy Birthday Berkley!

  2. Good job on the cake Kim. The joy of motherhood. Glad that you found my blog. I only did it because you told me too. You were right it was not too hard especially with Molly walking me through it. Your kids are adorable!

  3. I am still in Idaho. Dale has a 4 week rotation in SLC- so we tagged along to Pocatello. (he will be gone 5 months this year- Yikes!) If I am able to get a car- I'll make a trip to Boise... I'll keep you posted. We don't head back to Cleveland until July 30th.


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