Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shane's Ride!

We got a phone call from Shane telling Mackenzie "get the camera & hurry outside!!" This is what we found when we got out there! Shane went on what he thought was going to be a nice ride out on the ditch banks, when something spooked "cowboy" & he turned sideways. Shane just so happen to be right next to the pond at this moment, so you can quess what happened next! The kids thought this was so funny!


  1. Nice picture! That's what I would look like if I rode a horse! I e-mailed you last night. I swear it's the same address as the last time I tried. So let me know if you got it- if not, I don't know what the crap my problem is! Maybe you should just e-mail me... and I'll respond. :)

  2. What else can I say, other than you gotta love Shane! What a Cowboy! Travis will get a good kick out of that one!!!


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