Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kelsey & Marc's Wedding

Kelsey & MarcOakley, Kelsey & Bailey
Kelsey with all the brother's (minus Travis)
Sister & Sister-in-law pic. (nice tan Robyn) ha ha! (a little inside joke)
Brik & Roston: They became best buds this whole time they were here in Idaho visiting!


  1. Love it! You guys look so cute! I didn't know there were 3 pregnant Royce girls! CRAZY!!!

  2. how fun. wish we could of been there to see you all. i love your girls dresses and tell chandi hi for me!

  3. Kim,
    This is so fun. Man, everything you do is always the best!!! I love the blog. What a beautiful family.

    By the way. Mike was viewing the blog with me. He saw Shane in "his" pink robe. He posted a comment.

  4. KIM! I'm so glad you found me! I swear I wrote you the longest e-mail the day I got your Christmas card. Obviously you didn't get it- I'll try again. I just looked through your WHOLE blog. It was so fun to see all the pictures. Your family is beautiful. I LOVE their names. It looks like life is so good for you guys. I'm excited to keep in touch! -Meghan

  5. Hi, I saw you visited Dale and Meghan's blog...Kevin and I are friends with Travis and Mindy and I was wondering if you could pass along our email so that I could get in touch with them and see their blog and invite them to ours. It's been a while since we've seen them or even heard from them! Sincerely, Stephanie and Kevin Christensen


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