Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camping at Red Fish Lake

All the kids at the Lake. Trying to catch the baby fish. They weren't very successful!Mack., Bailey, Coby, & Oakley. Coby is Shane's cousin, he just barely got back from serving a mission in Mexico. My girls loved him & loved hanging out by him, he was hilarious!
Mackenzie & Bailey
The two Oakleys
Lauren, Mackinzie, & our Mackenzie
Kelsey, Mack., & Cortney trying to play tough girls!
O.K. so this is pretty much how Briks feet looked while we were camping! He was so mad that I took a picture of his feet!

The 3 four year olds! Hallee, Blair, & Brik! They look excited to be camping!
The 3 two year olds! Jayden, Berkley & Ellie.
Berkley on Grandpa's boat.
Brik roasting a marshmellow.
We had a great time, lost a ton of sleep but it was way to much fun staying up playing Moffia!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We have a broken bone!

Well this is our first broken bone! And we would of never guessed it would be on Bailey! It was actually a pretty scary ordeal. Shane was out mowing the lawn on Sat. & we had grandpa's 4-wheeler at our house. Bailey asked Shane if she could take it for a ride, he felt like he should say no, but instead told her "yes, as long as you go slow & stay in the one field." She came back to him after a little bit and asked if she could ride in the other field, which has a mound of dirt on it. He said "yes" but didn't feel so good about that idea. A few minutes later she came to see if Brik could ride with her on it. Thank goodness that time he said "No." Randy happened to be looking out his window & noticed his 4-wheeler upside down. Shane had been dumping the grass & kept a close eye on Bailey. He tells us now that he kept saying to himself, as she was riding..."would I be o.k. if she was killed on the 4-wheeler" So now Randy sends Jordan over to check out what the 4 -wheeler is doing upside down. Meanwhile Bailey is stuck underneath screaming for help! Jordan hears Bailey screaming & runs to save her life! By then Shane has circled the lawnmower around to his view of Bailey & sees the upsidedown 4-wheeler & wheels spinning! He jumped both fences and told Jordan not to move her yet. They realized she was only hurting on her wrist. So they brought her in the house & then I rushed her to the Dr. office! She luckily only broke her bone at the wrist! But more importantly we are so lucky to still have her alive!! I don't think Bailey will be doing any 4-wheeling anytime soon! :0)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bailey's 9th Birthday

Bailey turns 4 , this was her Birthday Party at Grandma Robertson's pool before she sold her house! Bailey turns 5!
Bailey turns 7!
Bailey turns 8!
Bailey's party this year! We got her some new Ariat boots, and a pair of Cruel girl jeans! We made little cowboy boot & hat ice cream sandwiches! The party was quick, because we were headed to the Rodeo. Time to Cowgirl-Up in your new duds for the Rodeo!

Rodeo Time, We took Bailey & the family to the Snake River Stampede for her Birthday. The McRae's went with us too. Lon, Berkley, Holle, Me & Shane.Brik, Nick, Justin, Mackenzie, Bailey & Oakley watching those Cowboys!
Nick, Brik, & Justin.....nice Cheesey pic Brik!!
Here's our Birthday girl! We had a great time! Bailey has sure grown up fast. She was always our girly-girl, and still is! Her Dad nick named her early on in life because she was soo girly..."Hollywood" We can trust Bailey with almost anything, she is so responsible & seems to always go the extra mile! She helps out with Berkley so much! I don't know what we would do without her in our family! Happy Birthday Hollywood! We love You!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July Weekend

We got to spend the weekend at Grandma's Cabin in McCall. There was only one other cousin there this time. Kaylee Robertson, Lee & Erica's little girl. Brik did not want a picture, as you can tell.Walking down to the Lake for the fireworks show! Shane & Berkley, hold on to those ears girl!
Brik & Jordan walking down for the fireworks! We bought these ski googles at a yard sale earlier that morning, and Brik had to wear them almost everywhere we went!
Berkley, Shane & Brik watching the big show!
Berkley & Aunt Cortney waiting for the fireworks to start!
Brik, Bailey, Oakley, Mackenzie, & Berkley on a walk back from the famous "frog rock."
We spent most of our afternoons at the lake, the kids were playing on this board that was out in the middle! They thought it was great fun!
Berkley & Oakley playing in the sand.
Oakley, Mack, Brik, Bailey & Berkley hanging out on the dock.
Bailey & Oakley being crazy girls!

TWINS...well not quite, but this is just on our way out the door for our midnight jump into the lake! Cortney & Me

This is the BEFORE pic. Me, Cortney, Mack., & Jordan. We look pretty excited to jump in eh?
This is the AFTER pic. It was pretty cold & somehow we forgot to bring towells!
Grandpa Randy brought his boat up, and this is Brik, Shane & Mack. tubing! They thought it was great until they tipped over, I'm not sure Brik will ever get back on!
Jordan, Mack & Shane. The guys were about to do back flips into the water. We had a great time up in McCall!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4th of July

We always painted our toenails & fingernails with an American Flag! This was last year, Lon fell asleep & I thought he needed a flag on his toenail also! It definately wasn't my best flag! I was laughing too hard, so my hand was not steady at all! It was pretty funny!
When the kids were little we spent our 4th's at Grandma's cabin in McCall. 20032004
2005 In 2007 we went to Grand Jean with McRae's (our bestest friends) Brik & Nick got flag tatoo's!
Our own little fireworks show (Berkley must of been snoozing in the tent) 2007.

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