Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We have a broken bone!

Well this is our first broken bone! And we would of never guessed it would be on Bailey! It was actually a pretty scary ordeal. Shane was out mowing the lawn on Sat. & we had grandpa's 4-wheeler at our house. Bailey asked Shane if she could take it for a ride, he felt like he should say no, but instead told her "yes, as long as you go slow & stay in the one field." She came back to him after a little bit and asked if she could ride in the other field, which has a mound of dirt on it. He said "yes" but didn't feel so good about that idea. A few minutes later she came to see if Brik could ride with her on it. Thank goodness that time he said "No." Randy happened to be looking out his window & noticed his 4-wheeler upside down. Shane had been dumping the grass & kept a close eye on Bailey. He tells us now that he kept saying to himself, as she was riding..."would I be o.k. if she was killed on the 4-wheeler" So now Randy sends Jordan over to check out what the 4 -wheeler is doing upside down. Meanwhile Bailey is stuck underneath screaming for help! Jordan hears Bailey screaming & runs to save her life! By then Shane has circled the lawnmower around to his view of Bailey & sees the upsidedown 4-wheeler & wheels spinning! He jumped both fences and told Jordan not to move her yet. They realized she was only hurting on her wrist. So they brought her in the house & then I rushed her to the Dr. office! She luckily only broke her bone at the wrist! But more importantly we are so lucky to still have her alive!! I don't think Bailey will be doing any 4-wheeling anytime soon! :0)


  1. Stupid pregnancy hormones, I'm almost crying reading this blog, even though I've heard this story numerous times. We're so glad Bailey is okay. Love you Bailey.

  2. YIKES! I'll have to email you pictures of Pyper's 4 wheeler accident last year. She knocked out several teeth (2 permanent)... we're still paying for it! Your right- It's SO SCARY! I'm so glad she's okay!

  3. Glad your little Bailey is okay. It is no fun to go through something like that. I'll have to tell you the story of when Hunter's friend shot him in the forehead with an arrow. He is lucky to still have his eye it was that close. Kids, they really keep life moving and interesting.=)

  4. Bailey, are you trying to be like Uncle Sylvan? You crazy driver, you better be careful! You got a sweet pink cast out of it, though! How long do you have to wear the cast for?


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