Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camping at Red Fish Lake

All the kids at the Lake. Trying to catch the baby fish. They weren't very successful!Mack., Bailey, Coby, & Oakley. Coby is Shane's cousin, he just barely got back from serving a mission in Mexico. My girls loved him & loved hanging out by him, he was hilarious!
Mackenzie & Bailey
The two Oakleys
Lauren, Mackinzie, & our Mackenzie
Kelsey, Mack., & Cortney trying to play tough girls!
O.K. so this is pretty much how Briks feet looked while we were camping! He was so mad that I took a picture of his feet!

The 3 four year olds! Hallee, Blair, & Brik! They look excited to be camping!
The 3 two year olds! Jayden, Berkley & Ellie.
Berkley on Grandpa's boat.
Brik roasting a marshmellow.
We had a great time, lost a ton of sleep but it was way to much fun staying up playing Moffia!


  1. Pretty fun trip. I'm going to steal those picture of the 2 year olds and the 4 year olds. Have a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  2. Looks like fun. Mike was so jealous. I was afraid he was going to go up and suprise the family:) He loves the Sawtooth's.

  3. Ok, I hate seeing family outing pic's! I want to be home! ;0) Your kids new pic's are really cute, I especially love Berk's!!

  4. I love your new pictures of your kids. They are gorgeous. Glad that you had a fun trip. I have been on one now for a long time. Just got back last night and will try to blog soon. Molly will probably get to her's first and I was with her.


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