Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can you say "Boots?"

So I had the kids cleaning up a little in the excercise room & the girls organized all our boots in this line! I think this is all of them minus Shane's 3 good pair in the closet! Yikes, I guess Berkley is set for Cowboy boots!


  1. Holy Cow! I hope Berkley enjoys hand-me-downs as much as Elle does... cuz I think that's in her future!!! Looks like you guys have had a great summer. I'm totally jealous of your Red Fish trip!

    Is Courtney going to email Houston? I hope so... she's a doll!

  2. Holy Crap! I know where I need to go when we want to go to the Rodeo!
    That was such a great pic!

  3. Wow Kim. Forget hand-me-downs, you could open a store.
    I love your taste. When Katie starts Kindergarten you're going to have to help me with schooling shopping. I don't spend much time on the boys because they want to wear the same t-shirt ever day. The pictures of the kids down the side are so cute.

  4. WOW.... That is a very nice collection that you have!! Wish my girls lived close to fill in the gap between Oakley and Berkley!!!


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