Friday, August 22, 2008

Church Farm

I had lost my gold CTR ring yesterday while V.T. at a ladies house that lives on the Church Fruit Farm. I looked all over in the dirt where I lost it, and it was no where to be found. So, I made a little pile of rocks so that I could come back later to search longer for it. I loaded up the kids tonight & headed to the spot, we looked and couldn't find it. I decided maybe we should do the peach picking and then look one more time before heading back home. While we were picking one of the Bair boys (his parents live on the farm) & I were talking and I happened to mention to him that I lost my ring. He told me that his brother had a metal detector & that he would go look for it. So about 10 min. later here he comes up to the row with my ring in his hand. I was so excited & happy! This ring has been lost at least 4 times. The last time I lost it for a good year, I found it in my big turkey cooker. Sooo... here we are picking peaches at the farm tonight! And we all learned a lesson about serving at the church farm. :0)


  1. i'm trying to figure out how you loose a ring in a turkey cooker. You big dork! Love ya!

  2. cute little family, way to serve! =)

  3. What luck to keep finding it. When I lose my jewelery I have never found it again. Which is why I have no jewlery. And peaches, do you can??? I am going to can by myself this year, which I'm a little afraid to do.

  4. LUCKY YOU! Bailey doesn't look all that happy with Oakley in one of the pic's! Hope you guys had fun! By the way...where's Shane?

  5. That is tradgic!!! I am glad that the little boys found it for you!!! You're quite lucky to keep finding it! I have lost a few items before but never found them again!!! Bailey doens't look like she was having fun!!! They are all so cute!

  6. i tell ya, someone's always got to have a metal detector, right? what will happen next time we go vting? you look so nice picking peaches..i'm usually with messy hair, dirty clothes and peach fuzz all over me!


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