Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hadlock Campout

This year we went to Dead Wood Resevoir. It was a great spot! We had lots of fun!
My Mom is such a good Grandma! I got to relax so much because she would take Berkley & play with her. In this pic she was tipping the girls (Berkley & Lily) up & down, they loved it! Berkley, she had a great time swimming at the Lake!
Berkley & Lily (Ryan & DeAnna's youngest)
Berkley & Lily They had fun playing together!
Brik was not about to be in the pie eating contest! But somehow he got pudding on his face, Mackenzie was that you?
My brother Phil, we were decorating hot dog stick bags!
The guys pie eating contest!
Phil & Ryan
Bailey...not sure what that face is about??
Mom & Casie

Shane spent alot of time fishing, I quess it was a prime fishing spot!
Mackenzie & Alexis playing a game.
Little Reece is so stinkin' cute!
Brik & Berkley helping my Mom get ready for lunch!
Oakley painting our hot dog stick bag.


  1. I just love the Hadlock Family! I'm so glad you were able to spend some time with your family! I absolutly LOVE the 2nd picture of Berkley...where she's got her head tilted! So precious! And little Oakely Dokaly is getting so cute and Big! I jsut hope "IF" I get a girl, that she's as cute as your girls!Love Ya!

  2. Next time take a picture of you with all your brothers and sisters so I can see how everybody has changed. Looks like you guys had fun. Where did you go camping at? Tell Casie I said hello.

  3. I was so sad that we weren't able to go this year!!! It looks like you guys had lots of fun!


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