Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Western Idaho Fair

I took Berkley & Brik to the Fair. The big girls got to go the night before to see Corbin Bleu in concert with Aunt Cortney & Travis :0)!! (still waiting for the pics so I can post about it...Cortney!) Berkley was pretty excited to see the animals!Brik would hardly touch the animals!
Time for some cotton candy...our favorite!
Brik had to play this ping pong ball game.
more animals......
oh Berkley just loved these little goats!
so much she just had to give him a kiss!


  1. Hi my friend Kim Hadlock. Your family is so awesome. I love the fair pictures, it reminded me of the time, we took you to the fair with Crystal when she was little and you were babysitting. You were the bestest babysitter ever.

  2. animals at the fair...not in St. George-The kids were very disappointed. They're getting so big.

  3. Love Berkley she is so stinking cute, how is life with 2 kids at home?! I am sure it is a little wierd!!!


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