Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Brik & Berkley were keeping themselves busy while I was catching up on the ironing from yesterday! They came down stairs and tried to scare me! They have become quite good buddies since the big girls are at School all day!


  1. I love reading your blog. Your kids are super cute and scary! I wish we lived closer so we could play. I agree, we need to have a Hadlock reunion sometime soon!

  2. Don't you wish that we could just play dress up all day and scare people. I love the time the little kids get to play while the big kids are away and no one can tell them what they can and can't do. VERY SCARY!!!

  3. VERY cute!!! They are so funny!!!!! Evka says HI to Brik adn Averee says HI to Berkley!

  4. Who is paradise?? Hadlock reunion it must be a cousin??? Please fill me in!!!

  5. Hey guys! I can't believe how big your kids are. We found Chandi's blog and then found a lot of other cousins' blogs (including yours). We are pretty new to bloggin, but we think it's so fun, and a great way to keep up with people. check out mine, and Katie has one too.
    See ya, Nathan


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