Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Missionary Experience...

Shane & I got the chance to share the gospel with a family that we have known for a while. We went over & gave them a Book of Mormon and Shane answered alot of questions they had. They committed to read & pray about it. It was a very exciting experience. I'll have to keep you updated. They also said they would come to church with us! I also am trying to get to know this old guy (he's in his late 70's) that walks on the same route I jog every morning. I had talked to him several times, & finally asked him where he lived & if I could bring some dessert over to him & his wife. I did take some dessert to them & visited with them. The wife has cancer & they don't have much family here, so I am praying for the right time to share the gospel with them too. I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ, for the love I feel from him, & for the chance I have to live with him someday.


  1. Kim, What wonderful people you and Shane are. You continue to amaze me with all you are and do. I'm going to have to get some advise on how to invite my friend to meet with the missionaries.

  2. Way 2 go! I love the picture of your kids!

  3. The spirit must be working hard on all of us. Your experience is the second one I have read tonight on missionary work and the great experience. This Sunday we were all asked to bring a nonmember or inactive family to church. Blaine and I have the family picked out and ready to invite. I too am greatful for the gospel and knowing that Jesus lives and we can be with him again someday. This past week it has been 14 years since Kennidy died. I miss her sooo much but I know that I will have her again. I am thankful to have good friends like you that no matter how long time lapses between seeing each other I know you care and we have the same desires and goals for the end.

  4. Kim, that's awesome! I totally got goose bumps reading that post! I wish I could be as out going as you are about the church. Love Ya!


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