Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July Weekend

We got to spend the weekend at Grandma's Cabin in McCall. There was only one other cousin there this time. Kaylee Robertson, Lee & Erica's little girl. Brik did not want a picture, as you can tell.Walking down to the Lake for the fireworks show! Shane & Berkley, hold on to those ears girl!
Brik & Jordan walking down for the fireworks! We bought these ski googles at a yard sale earlier that morning, and Brik had to wear them almost everywhere we went!
Berkley, Shane & Brik watching the big show!
Berkley & Aunt Cortney waiting for the fireworks to start!
Brik, Bailey, Oakley, Mackenzie, & Berkley on a walk back from the famous "frog rock."
We spent most of our afternoons at the lake, the kids were playing on this board that was out in the middle! They thought it was great fun!
Berkley & Oakley playing in the sand.
Oakley, Mack, Brik, Bailey & Berkley hanging out on the dock.
Bailey & Oakley being crazy girls!

TWINS...well not quite, but this is just on our way out the door for our midnight jump into the lake! Cortney & Me

This is the BEFORE pic. Me, Cortney, Mack., & Jordan. We look pretty excited to jump in eh?
This is the AFTER pic. It was pretty cold & somehow we forgot to bring towells!
Grandpa Randy brought his boat up, and this is Brik, Shane & Mack. tubing! They thought it was great until they tipped over, I'm not sure Brik will ever get back on!
Jordan, Mack & Shane. The guys were about to do back flips into the water. We had a great time up in McCall!


  1. How fun Kim! Mike's sister lives in McCall I bet you crossed paths at the fireworks. She has 5 children too.
    Hey, we would love to go for a swim sometime (reply from comment on my blog). We do need to get together at least once this summer. Summer is going by so quickly.

  2. Yea! McCall was sooooo fun. I deffinatly need you to email me our twin picture, plus the late night dip ones, and the one with me and Berkley. We just look so cute!

  3. Looks like more fun than we had. I, however, do not think I would have done the midnight dip in the lake.


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