Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4th of July

We always painted our toenails & fingernails with an American Flag! This was last year, Lon fell asleep & I thought he needed a flag on his toenail also! It definately wasn't my best flag! I was laughing too hard, so my hand was not steady at all! It was pretty funny!
When the kids were little we spent our 4th's at Grandma's cabin in McCall. 20032004
2005 In 2007 we went to Grand Jean with McRae's (our bestest friends) Brik & Nick got flag tatoo's!
Our own little fireworks show (Berkley must of been snoozing in the tent) 2007.


  1. I love your new photo up top. TOO CUTE!! I love how your girls are always cordinating in outfits I need to go shopping to get us some fun 4th of July outfits!!! Love ya!!!

  2. Looks like fun. Katie and me may have to come over and have you paint our toes too :).
    Also, I loved the birthday cake. Man, you are a woman of many talents.

  3. Kim, Oh my crap... those pic's are to funny! It's a good thing you didn't post the old pic's of us!!! GOOD TIMES!

  4. So cute! Your the perfect 'girl mom'. I'm sending my kids over!


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