Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Casie's photo shoot...

turned out much better than mine! Here are a few of my favorite ones she took! Thanks Casie, you need to become a photographer! Love ya!


  1. Those really did turn out cute! My kids are always super easy for someone other than me. Nice job with the cute fall clothes. Gotta love the Gap!

    I'm struggling with boy names... girl names are much easier for me. So any suggesstions are welcome. The more strange- the better! Loves!

  2. Casie is hired. WHen can she come up. Those pics are adorable. I love the ones with Shane and the kids.

  3. First Robyn's family Now yours. She does a great job. I love fall pictures! What a beautiful family!
    Love the one with the kids by the fence!

  4. So Kim, do you think I could hire your sister to take some pictures for us? And could you get us all ready?! I love them and I love the fall colors.
    I am wondering one more thing, How do I get on your blog followers?? I'm starting to miss you guys already.
    Ok one more thing, yesterday Katie woke up and said, "Mom, I don't have to clean my room today because Bailey cleaned it." Thanks Bailey

  5. I'm sorry Kim!!!! It's been so crazy since Sunday when I got the job. I promise that I thought about calling you but I forgot and started making a list of everything that I need to take or send out to Connecticut. I'll call you soon!!!

  6. Absolutly Adorable! I love them! I've been trying to get Travis out for some pics for weeks... and well, NOTHING YET! I really like them!

  7. your family pictures are absolutely adorable...both of the photographers did great!!!!

    by the way i hope one day when i have a family it will be as cute as yours.

  8. What a cute family you have! I would love to keep in contact with you guys. My blog is going to be private though. Would you email me so I can have your email address and then I can invite you to my blog? durhamdana@hotmail.com Take care, Dana


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