Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night....

We had a full afternoon & night. First I took the kids & Mallory to the Nampa downtown trick or treat. The big girls got bored pretty quick, as you can tell.
Brik, Oakley & Bailey wanted to stand by the Firetruck!

Outside the Library, where the kids all got a free book & toy! Berkley, Oakley, Brik, Bailey, Hallee, Colt & Jayden.

After that we went to Sonic to get dinner, hit a little sub., went to the trunk-or-treat and then the big girls got to go with Maurine to do more trick-or-treating, while Shane, Berkley, Brik & I went to the Vallivue football game to watch Jordan play.

I always make the kids dump out their candy on the floor, so we can see just how much they got. Wow, I'll think we'll be on a sugar high for a while.

Brik, he loved Halloween this year. He was the fastest runner when we hit a little subdivision. He thought it was so cool!



Berkley would get mad at me if I didn't let her get candy from each stop. Luckily she fell asleep at the Nampa downtown trick-or-treat.

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