Saturday, January 26, 2008

January Days...........

Brik & Berkley wanted to buy some Fudgesicles when we were at Winco today!!!! It was so much fun eating them!!!

Oh....What a sweet brother !!!!
Watch Out!! Berkley, your over the edge!!!!
UH OH!!! We lost it!!!!! Good thing Mom didn't just mop the floors!!!!

Sleep over, before the Royce boys...Blake, Chance, & Ridge went home to Ohio!!! Brik still wonders why he can't have Blake come over to play!!

Brik & Blake being GOOFY!

Chance, Bailey, Oakley, Mackenzie, & Ridge having some POPCORN!!!


  1. FUDGESICLES...YUMMY!! Cute pics of the sleep over. We already miss everyone and poor little Brik needs a brother! Blake loved the picture Brik sent him! He misses him too!

  2. That is so cute. You two have a TON of kids!!! I love fudgesicles, they ar ethe best. Gald to see some more photots Billy!


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