Sunday, September 20, 2009

Berkley's Bubble Bath

Saturday Night Bath for Berkley. I hadn't quite finished cleaning the house at 6 p.m. (we had a busy day & being pregnant, I go pretty slow lately on cleaning day ) Berkley loves to take a bubble bath in our big bath. So she played in the bath while I cleaned our bedroom & bathroom. She seems to be getting so big. It doesn't seem like she could be this big. It makes me sad, and soon we will have a new baby to start all over with. I'm so ready for this stage of my life to be over. At least my house is clean for today, well yesterday anyways.


  1. Hey there, it's Megan, BJ's wife. After hearing our husbands cackle on the phone last night and he said you had a blog I thought I'd check out who The Royce's were! You have such a cute family. I've heard about Elder Royce over the years and how much fun he and BJ had together on the mission. Our family blog is Good luck in your pregnancy. It would be fun to meet your family in person some time! If you ever get over to Disneyland or to Magic Mountain Six Flags in CA you'll have to visit! Take care.

  2. Kim - I miss you! (and "elder Royce" too... haha too funny).

    I can relate to the bubbles, I am a bubble bath queen too! Love them!

    Fun post!


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