Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Busy.....

in random order.....this is Travis (cortney's "friend") putting up my high Christmas lights! He must be trying to get bonus points with the family. He was so nice to do these for me!
After Christmas last year I went to a great store & stocked up on 75% off Christmas tree ornaments! It was fun opening up my Christmas bins, I forgot how cute they were!

I had to do a kid tree this year! So I found a cheap fake tree & the kids got to decorate it all by themselves! They did a good job!

Finally all the ornaments got put on the tree! Wow that was alot of work!

Jordan helping hold the ladder for Travis. Jordan actually did the high section last year for me! Thanks Jordan! nice pic! :0)

This is Travis & Cortney. Aren't they cute together?? Thanks Travis for doing the lights for me!

Travis trying to make Cortney mad....obviously it was working!


  1. Crap! You have 2 trees up? I'm not even doing one! In fact I'm not putting up ANY decorations. Between growing a baby and Dale being gone (again) I just don't have it in me! Apparently I would be a terrible single mother! I love seeing pics of your house in the background. It doesn't really surprise me how many things we have the same... it's funny though! We should live closer!

  2. fun stuff! i was going to ask you about what we should take to our ladies!? see you on sunday!

  3. How fun to find your blog... I found it through a comment on McIntyre's blog!

    I am loving all the beautiful pics of you and your family!

    Sister Dayley

  4. Love the tree and nice boyfriend:) less work for Shane! Love you and miss you lots!!!!


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