Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming.......

The kids before we head to church today!
Grandpa Virgil came over last night to deliver presents to all the grandkids. (just missing Natalie's 3) Wow look at all those kids!

OHHH loook how cute little Jersey is! I was so excited to see her. I was in the kitchen cooking & I saw Travis & Mindy pulling in to Grandma Dawn's house. I ran next door so I could get a look at this cute little girl! She is so sweet!

Ayricah & Ambree, Shannon & Garth, Mindy & Jersey. Just missing Natalie and her 3 day old baby Rory!

The Royce boys! Jason, Chad, Virgil, Shane & Travis.


  1. You forgot to get Colt in with the babies!! I guess maybe he just isn't a baby anymore. Cute pictures on Christmas Sunday- your family is always so stylish!

  2. TOO cute, your kids are way to big!!! Seriously! look at all the grandkids!!!!

  3. Kim,
    Your kids are sooo cute! How you do get 5 children to look like they've just come off a modeling photo shoot every Sunday??? Merry Christmas, love ya to pieces!


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