Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dance-Cheer Clinic

Vallivue Dance team always does a Dance-Cheer Clinic. This is Bailey & her friends Lucy & Sydney.

Oakley & her friend Annie

Bailey, Kennedy (my niece) & Oakley. What cute girls! And who did all that hair???

Oakley in the big dance.

Bailey 2nd one in from the left. Kendel was her teacher.

This is Stella & Berkley dancing on the bleachers while the band plays. This is Lucy's little sister.


  1. Kim- You got to let us know when your kids have activities! We miss everything and soon we will be far away. You should email me schedules or something- the girls would love to watch their cousins. :)

  2. very fun. and kenedy looks just like a hadlock.

  3. Kim,
    That brings back High School memories for me. We taught the little girls dances. Good times. Cute girls.

  4. I did not know you had a niece named Kennedy. Great name. That brings back memories. My mom used to sign me up but I was never into it much. I am more of a sports person.

  5. Love it! The girls are so cute, wish Evka and Averee would have been there to participate with them!!! Hugs to all, and let those girls get bangs!!!! GEESH!!!!

  6. Your blog alway brings back so many memories. The girls all look so cute!


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