Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Love Saturday Night Curlers!

Now that we are in 9AM Church, I'll be doing alot more curlers! It makes Sunday mornings go so much easier! Berkley loves to get the pink ones on each one of her fingers!
This is a pic. of her after church. I used to always do Bailey's hair like this when she was little. So I tried it out for Berkley!


  1. What a little cutie. You always have your girls so pretty for church. I can't wait til lizzys bangs grow out a little more so i can do a little more. I think i need to get some curlers for saturday nights. Great idea.
    Love ya!

  2. We've done a lot of curlers at this house- but never on the fingers!! Too cute! :)

  3. i'm going to have to start doing more curlers...when i start being active again that is.

    berkley is too cute. sure love her.

  4. Your little girl is getting too big! Time for another?:)

  5. I haven't seen the pink curlers since I was little... it was torture for me.

    But this made me realize I missed out on some things only having boys in my house.

    Is there a pink curler solution for boys at 9am church?

  6. My girls always complain about them in their hair at night that they hurt. Once one starts in the rest seem to follow. I always did Sterling's hair like that when she was little. I still love to use them when I can. You have beautiful girls.

  7. Ohhhh I remember the hairstyle well. It was my FAVE for my girls... I'm a little sad that I won't be doing it anymore. :( Your girls are adorable!


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