Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Growing up....

I can't believe Hattie is almost 3 mo. old. She has been a pretty good little baby. She started sleeping 10-12 hrs. at night when she was 2 mo. old, and she hasn't broke that habit yet. She isn't so sure she likes taking naps during the day though, but I can deal with that since I get to sleep all night long. We sure love her & are so glad she is here with us.
Berkley loves to read her princess books to Hattie.

All Smiles, for now.

Hanging out with Grandma Connie at the Vallivue basketball game. My Mom is always so good to take Hattie and give me a break. She has even taken her a couple of times while Shane & I went to dinner. (Mackenzie sitting next to them with her new basketball sweatshirt on, Go Royce #4)

Brik is trying to show me how strong he is by holding Hattie standing up. It didn't last too long before he was about to drop her. What a sweet brother.


  1. She is so cute!! I miss holding her!!! Love you!!!

  2. Oh she's a cutie - congrats on getting good sleep at night! I can't seem to catch up. Brett and I just found out that our neighbor - Hayley Hendricks - is your cousin. It's a small world!

  3. WOW! I haven't blogged for a while - you had your baby! Congratulations! She is so BEAUTIFUL!!! You have a beautiful family - it is great to see all the smiles and happy faces! They are all growing up though - wow! Hold on tight!


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