Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We went camping at Deadwood Resevoir over the 4th. We had a great time.
Brik is trying to find flat rocks to skip. Canoe rides.

Jordan was hilarious, he made this wife beater tank & wore it the whole time we were camping.

Brik was taking care of our new dog "cassie" (the kids didn't want to change her name after we bought her) sorry cassie. :0)

4 wheeling....

We came home on the 4th & headed out to watch the fireworks.

We went to see Mindy & Travis, they just got here from Ohio. Mindy's brothers were doing their own fireworks so we stayed & watched them. This is a classic picture we haven't been able to take forever it seems. Back in the day when we started having kids (mindy & I) we usually spent our 4ths in McCall, and always took pictures of our kids together. So here we are together again on the 4th. Yipee! We are so glad they have moved back in the area.

Brik with a sparkler.
Mindy & Jersey, she wasn't so sure about the fireworks!

Having a fun time with Chance, Ridge, Blake & Kace.

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  1. Oh Gee Thanks... for putting such a SWEET PIC of me on the Blog! DELETE!


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