Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bailey's 10th Birthday

I can't believe Bailey's 10 now. I made her this purse b-day cake. She has always been the "girly-girl" at our house.
She had a few friends over the next day for a friend party. Jessica, Bailey, Lucy & Julia...BFFL!

We got her these text messengers from limited too, she had been begging me to buy them a few months ago. She had forgotten about them & then I surprised her with them for her B-day. She was so excited.

Oh and don't forget the sunglasses that she picked out herself.

10 candles....I had to dig to find 10, I'm not used to needing so many. :0) Happy Birthday Hollywood!!


  1. You make such great cakes! I can't believe how big Bailey is either! When Jason and I started dating she was only 2 and sooo little. Time flies too fast.

  2. Love the cake. Happy Birthday Bailey. Also love the Stampede, so fun. Mike is home, lets get together:).


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