Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Snake River Stampede

We had a great time at the Stampede. Berkley even got put on the front page of the Newspaper. Waiting for Brik to Mutton Bust.

Brik was kind of sad after his lamb ran the wrong way. The judges gave him a re-ride, but he didn't want to. He still got a buckle out of the deal!

My handsome cowboys!

My big cowgirls!

My little cowgirl!


  1. My family had quite an awesome surprise as we realized that there was a Brik Royce participating in the mutton busting and we knew him. I think Johnathan had the biggest reaction. "Hey that kid's from West Canyon. Hey his last name is Royce we know some Royce's. Hey we know a Brik Royce! Oh my gosh we know him!" We cheered extra hard for him. He thought he did GREAT especially considering he was one of the youngest to participate. He definately earned his buckle! Way to go Brik!

  2. This is sooo cool... what a great night huh?

    How fun for Brik; he really did earn his buckle.
    It made me cry... I have no idea why... they just grow up so fast I guess!

  3. You need to show me how to do my girls hair. They look beautiful as always.

  4. She's so cute, Id put her on the front paige too!


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