Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Cookies!

Berkley, Brik & I made Halloween Sugar Cookies today! Brik loved pressing the cutters into the dough!

He wasn't so sure about using the rolling pin.

Berkley LOVED the rolling pin, Brik is trying to figure out how she made it work so good!

Berkley cutting her own cookies.

Playing with the extra dough.

"I made a snake!"

Frosting time!

Gotta have some sprinkles!

All done.........thank goodness I remebered to cut this recipe in 1/2. Last time I was frosting cookies for forever! And we still got 24 cookies out of this batch!


  1. Your AWESOME! I actually just BOUGHT the cookie dough in the refrigerated section today. Sugar cookies scare me. I told the kids we would "make" them when their room was clean... it might be awhile. Maybe they will end up being Thanksgiving cookies.

  2. Hey, when are we invited over to sample those? Sugar cookies are Rich's favorite. I better make a bath for Friday. Way better than any Halloween candy. Thanks for sharing these cute moments!

  3. What a good mommy! Your kiddos are so cute! I've been wanting to make some here too. You were all so cute last night at the harvest party! Just love you1

  4. The dough is in the fridge right now. We'll be making sugar cookies tonight. The kids will be SO excited!
    Oh! Only 9 more days 'til we're up there! YEAH!


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