Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Fun!!

Family Home Evening carving pumpkins, always a fun time! Oakley is being crazy! Shane had to help, I wasn't about to do 5 pumpkins!

Getting the lids cut.

Berkley, is that pumpkin really that heavy?

Brik was so excited to be the 1st one with his lid off!

Watch out for the knife Oakley!

OHHH...Bailey got an cut!! Looks like you're hurt pretty good!




  1. LOVE IT!!! They all turned out so good!!! Oakley is a goof ball, and Berkley looks so big!!! Where did the chubby little girl go?? Love you guys!!!!

  2. You guys are ambitious! Halloween is such a fun time. Can't wait to see your kids all dressed up!


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