Saturday, October 11, 2008

tHe RaCe Is On !!

Shane's birthday is only 3 weeks away & he's been asking for a huge denim quilt for quite a while so I thought I'd try to pull it off. We'll see, I told him he might have to wait until Christmas for that gift. All I know is I've been storing a ton of old jeans in my exercise room for a good year now. It will be nice to see them gone. So I wanted the girls to be involved in helping and this is how are night went! Shane was in & out all day so Bailey made this great sign for the door! Since the girls couldn't do much I told them they could have all the scraps. Boy did they LOVE that idea. Bailey started to use my sewing maching while I was out ironing......UH I don't think so Bailey!!
Brik even was in on the action. I got my fabric glue out and he thought he'd glue a rag to the back of some denim & make a ghost.....yikes!
Bailey was making something for her craft store! :0)
Oakley made a bat!
Mackenzie actually did help me, she was ironing all the squares!
After 74 big squares & 88 little squares all sewn into 4 piece blocks, (and by the way they all matched up sooo good, i was impressed with my skills) I was ready to call it quits for tonight. But here's all the fun stuff the kids came up with! We had a great time! It reminded me of when my Mom used to let us "craft" with her scrap material & even the pattern scraps. We thought we were pretty good seamstresses. Those were some fun times!


  1. haha.. that is so funny, I'm sure you'll get it done!! I love the scrap work that was done by the kiddos. Very talented kids you've got there Billy!!! I can't wait to see the end result. Too bad Mack got roped into ironing!!! What a job!!!!
    I hope you guys are having a great Sunday miss and love you lots and lots!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see it. Then can you give me a quilting lesson. I still have an unfinished quilt from last year (the Christmas--you remember you did three of them). I'm afraid to go on because I don't know what I'm doing.

  3. You must be a very patient mom to let them help you sooo much. I hope you make it, which I am sure you will, and I am sure the quilt will look great. Happy Halloween.

  4. Good job, I've gotta start Brent's this week or it'll never get done by Christmas. Good luck finishing by Halloween. BOO!!


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