Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm so Excited......

actually, I'm so tired! But I am all done with the Quilt! Hopefully Shane won't be checking our blog in the next week. Shane went hunting today so I figured I better bust out the quilt frames & get to work. It is now 12:54 am and I am all done! It feels so good not to have to think about that now! YIPEE!! I'll post more of it when he opens it on his B-day! I think for now I'm going to BED!


  1. Kim! It looks SO good! I love that you put the kids names on it. I need to learn to quilt. I'v had the shell of a denim quilt since Pyper was 18 months. I'm pretty impressed with your time frame! Loves

  2. So Kim, how after all that work do you still look so great, not to mention it being 1am and all???
    I justed talked to our hunting husbands, well mine. I think it's time for us to plan a shopping trip. I'm so excited... I've said up money to start decorating...the little bathroom. I'm going to need your opinion.

  3. Way to go Kim!!
    You are Awesome!
    He's going to love it!

  4. Looks great. I did sneak a peak when I picked up your card table, which by-the-way I'm bringing back today.


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